Can Also Be The Underlying Factor Behind Red Swollen Toes.

Ideally, the injured nail should be left in its place and not removed, as it helps the new nail to grow in the right place. A toe can get infected due a number of reasons. learn this here nowPainful ankle joint but no swelling has been linked to excessive strain resulting from activities such as walking or playing sports like basketball for prolonged periods of time. The structure of the bone can be divided into 3 parts – the base, the head region, and the shaft, all of them being surrounded by a shell of cortical bone. ➜ The body is slightly curved vertically making the shape of the bone concave from below and a little convex from the top. Fungal foot infections are a nightmare to live with. It is a condition that arises when the nerve travelling in between metatarsals gets inflamed. Aside from the swollen toe causes mentioned below, diseases like gout, diabetes, arthritis etc. can also be the underlying factor behind red swollen toes. The padding between the toes will prevent the injured toe from unnecessary movements and allow it to heal in a straight manner. Along with this, it helps if you keep your foot at an elevated level at all times.

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