In Real Estate, Properties With Quality Photos See A 47 Percent Higher Asking Price Per Square Foot And Stay On The Market An Average Of 10 Days Less Than Those Without Quality Photos.

We’ve been able to incubate and innovate within Kodak and are excited to launch KODAKIT as a central hub for photographers and businesses worldwide.” KODAKIT solves pain points for both photographers and companies alike by managing all operations and logistics end-to-end. For photographers, KODAKIT offers connections to high quality, high volume global brands, and eliminates the nitty gritty of marketing, booking, pricing, scheduling, invoicing, and payments. For companies, KODAKIT offers access to a pre-screened global network of local talent. Companies only need to indicate when, where and how they want a photo shoot to be conducted. KODAKIT handles all other aspects of the process and delivers the images in a dedicated private cloud. According to research from MDG Advertising, companies with compelling, professional photography see their business soar. In the travel market, businesses using quality photography see a 46 percent increase in conversion rates. In real estate, properties with quality photos see a 47 percent higher asking price per square foot and stay on the market an average of 10 days less than those without quality photos. Photography is a $30 billion business globally, but has remained a hyperlocal business. Companies need to ensure a consistent high quality of brand and imagery across many markets, and before KODAKIT that was a time-consuming challenge. KODAKIT makes that not just possible but easy and for photographers it provides a steady flow of assignments they wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

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